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November 27, 2009

The Beauty Cupboard – Makeup Pt 1

As with my skincare favourites, I have a set of “must haves” for makeup. These products are always in my makeup bag. (and if not, they are at the top of my shopping list to be purchased asap!)
Givenchy Photo Perfexion Foundation in Perfect Ivory

After years of searching for the holy grail, I think I’ve finally found the perfect foundation for my oh so fair, oh so temperamental skin. The only downside is that it is not oil free, but I think that is a small price to pay for a foundation shade that suits my skin perfectly. The foundation is light enough to be worn during the day, and can be built up for a flawless night time look. If only they stocked Givenchy foundation in Australia! I spend way too much time trying to find places online that I can buy it from. I bought my current bottle from Sephora in New York, and am hoping to make it last as long as possible!

Becca Lip And Cheek Creme in Rosebud

I love this product so much. I only ever use it on my cheeks (yet to try it on my lips) and it’s the perfect shade of pink. It blends smoothly onto skin, and lasts all day long. I apply mine with a foundation brush, but you can easily apply with fingertips – (some creme blushes are uneven and blotchy when applied with fingers, not this one!) Beware when buying Becca Cheek Cremes though, they are so beautiful you will get addicted and need one in every shade!

Lancome Hypnose Mascara in Black

After running out of my long time favourite mascara – Lancome Definicils – I decided to give Hypnose a try. It has a similar lengthening effect to Definicils, but with the added benefit of some oomph as far as volume goes. It’s a great black-black mascara, that doesn’t flake during the day, lengthens and thickens lashes. What more could you want?

image source: sephora, dermstore & makeup411
November 25, 2009

Organising Your Wardrobe

Over the course of the past 2 years or so I have been focused on developing my wardrobe to suit my personal style. It’s been a slow and steady process, and I would say I’m around 75% complete. I have followed a few simple steps to get to this point, and from here on it’s focusing on what I know will fit with what I already own. Eventually I am aiming to live by the 4-5 piece french wardrobe rules and buy a few key pieces per season that will compliment the base wardrobe that I’ve developed.

So, where to start?

Consider your personal style. What you wear, and what you want to be wearing. Are you happy with the clothes in your wardrobe? How much of it fits into the aesthetic that you want for yourself? Are you wearing hipster ripped stockings and acid wash jeans when you really want to be wearing tailored suits? I find it’s helpful to put together a mood board for my wardrobe. You can do this with magazine cuttings, or with images collected online. This will help you visualise when you’re feeling uninspired, and help keep things on track.

Now, take an honest look at your wardrobe. How much of it do you actually wear? How much of it is leftover from the days where jeans sat awkwardly high on your waist, and scrunch socks were cool? (ok, so scrunch socks will always be cool) Basically you need to assess what you have, what you wear, and what you are willing to part with.

Start by separating your clothes into 3 different piles. Definitely keep, maybe keep and a donation pile. Everything you know that you do not want can be donated to friends, family, or charity. You can filter through the ‘maybe keep’ pile once you’ve started to think about the outfits that you will be wearing.

Think about your lifestyle and the outfits you most often need to put together. Are you a working girl? Are you a student? Are you a party animal? You should be able to section your wardrobe into 2-3 areas. (eg: work, casual, event)

Try to think of 3-4 outfits for each “section” of your wardrobe. This is a good starting point. Once you have these basics, you will be able to build on them and increase your wardrobe as you go. Write them down so you have a reference. Look at the pieces you’ve chosen. Are any of them sitting in your “definitely keep” or “maybe keep” clothes piles? How many pieces could work for every section of your wardrobe? These items are the most important on your list, and should be bumped up to the top of your shopping list.

Time to shop… It’s important to focus on buying good quality pieces that will last you for a few years. When starting out, focus on the pieces that you will get the most wear out of. You can buy cheaper pieces that you will get less use out of, and replace them further down the track. It’s handy to take a list with you when shopping, but if you’re not a list writing person try to stop yourself before buying something. Think about how it will fit into your wardrobe – does it suit you and your personal style? What will you wear it with? Will you get more than one wear out of it?

Take stock every season. It’s a good idea to re-assess your wardrobe at the start of every season. Put away all of the summer/winter clothes that you won’t be wearing & make room in your wardrobe for new pieces you might want to invest in. It’s also a good time to look back at the pieces of the season to see if you actually got any use out of them. Do you really need to keep these pieces in your wardrobe? If not, donate them to charity.

Be organised. Invest in some good quality hangers & organise your shoes and bags so you can see them clearly. Having an open and organised closet makes dressing a far more pleasant experience!

A few snapshots of my own wardrobe…

Note: If you need any help organising your own wardrobe, please feel free to email me at or contact me via the comments section of the blog.
November 23, 2009

Etsy Christmas Ideas

I love Christmas. I probably embrace the idea and the holiday a little more than normal people do, but hey – I love it. I start writing my Christmas shopping list 2 months in advance, budget and start buying and crossing things off in early November. This year I seem to have more gifts to purchase online than ever before! One of my favourite places to shop online is Etsy, so I thought it might be a good idea to share some of the lovely things I’ve found that I thought would make excellent Christmas presents!

I have my very own set of Michelle Brusegaard personalised notecards (3 sets in fact) but the new peony design is too gorgeous to resist! I want them for myself!

Whether you’re enjoying a white Christmas, and layer this piece over a cosy warm outfit, or suffering through a hot Christmas (like me) and pair it with a light summer sundress – it works!

I think this ring is so adorable. But then I have a soft spot for bumble bee inspired things…

I love how happy the illustrated woman seems to be on these cards. “Yes! I baked!”

Okay, so admittedly a lot of the things I happen to find on Etsy are things that I would love to receive as gifts myself. Santa, if you’re reading this… Take note.

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November 18, 2009

Product Review – Shizen Lip Scrub Sugar (reformulated)

Once again I was asked to test out and review a product for the wonderful people at Adore Beauty. This time it was the reformulated version of Shizen’s Lip Scrub Sugar.

My experience with the product so far
I already own the previous version of the lip scrub sugar and love it, so I was definitely curious to try out the reformulated scrub.

What is great about this product…
The product Australian made with all natural ingredients, no petrochemicals, sulphates, parabens, artificial fragrances or colours. It is also not tested on animals, which is always something I look out for with my skincare. I immediately noticed the difference between the old scrub and the new. The new version has a light lemon scent, and smaller sugar granules, which makes it far easier to work the product against your lips. There is a slight residue after wiping with a tissue, but I didn’t have any problem licking that away as it tasted like lemon sugar. Mmm.

What is not so great about this product…
Unfortunately I had an allergic reaction to the lemon myrtle oil contained in the scrub, which is a rare occurance & left my top lip blistered and bumpy. Having said that, I will continue to use the original version of the scrub and would encourage you all to try the reformulated version because the smell really is too divine!

Shizen Lip Scrub Sugar (reformulated) is available for purchase online from Adore Beauty.

November 17, 2009

Personal Style

fair skin. long glossy brown hair. dark denim straight leg jeans. lanvin ballet flats. cashmere scarves. pencil skirts. pretty blouses. floral. black satin. peep toe flats. oversized leather handbags. black lace. diamond/white gold studs. cardigans. cotton sundresses. christian louboutin heels. unique clutches. peacock prints. loosely curled hair. ray ban wayfarers. black one piece bathing suits. chanel coco mademoiselle. fresh faced. champagne eyes. dark lashes. flushed cheeks. pink lips. white bedding. diptyque candles in jasmine. tea roses. love.

image source: lovelylivtyler
November 16, 2009

Style Inspiraton


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