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June 19, 2010

Product Review: Lapureté Product Range

As I mentioned recently, I was lucky enough to be sent the Lapureté product range for trial and review. For me, the initial attraction to this brand was definitely due to their all natural approach to skincare. It didn’t hurt that their all product range claimed to provide a natural alternative to Botox! (clinically proven by Monash University) Normally I am quite cynical when it comes to skincare that claims to provide seemingly miraculous results, but their ethical ingredient list was enough for me to want to try this range.

All Lapureté products are carefully selected using the precautionary principle. This principle states the ‘commonsense’ notion that caution be practised where there in uncertainty. As there is mounting evidence as the to potential danger of various synthetic ingredients, all Lapureté products have been formulated free from Parabens, Petrochemicals, Synthetic fragrances, Phalates, Artificial colours & Sodium Lauryl Sulphate.

Mild Crème Facial Cleanser with Okuru

First things first. What is Okuru?

In Western Africa grows a plant the locals call Okuru. The locals have been using the plant for centuries for its high nutritional food value and skin benefits. French scientists have recently made a breakthrough discovery. They found that seeds of the Okuru plant contain a combination of peptides that minimise expression lines in a similar way to Botox®, but are all natural and can be applied topically without the need for invasive injections!

Okuru seems to be the superstar ingredient in the Lapureté range! So, onto the cleanser. It is a super thick cream cleanser that you apply to damp skin and rinse off. I am used to gel cleansers, so I admit that the thick cream took a little getting used to. After rinsing the product my skin felt clean but not ‘stripped’ from the cleansing. There are no added fragrances, so the cleanser smells very subtle. I’m sure none of you know my nanna but the smell reminds me of her. It’s a very gentle cream scent. I like it. This product would be absolutely perfect for those who have sensitive skin, as it is incredibly gentle and all natural. The only thing I didn’t really like about this product is that because I have skin prone to breakout along my jawline, I feel like I need a cleanser with more ‘active’ ingredients to help combat this.

Revitalising Eye Crème with Okuru

This has been my favourite product from the range. The eye cream is thick but not heavy, and sinks into the eye area quickly without leaving any oily residue. I love using this in the morning because it helps keep my eye area hydrated throughout the day. The cream is fragrance free and has no natural scent to it. The product claims to target all signs of ageing around the eye area, and this is where I saw the most results from using this range.

Protective Day Crème with Okuru

The day cream has a thick but lightweight formula that like the eye cream sinks right into the skin. There is no oily residue and the skin looks fresh and hydrated without any sort of greasiness. The cream claims to assist with UVA radiation damage, sagging skin, skin roughness, dull complexion and wrinkles. As I don’t suffer from many of these, I can’t really say how it has helped me out with this sort of damage, but as a daily moisturiser goes – this was lovely. The day cream seems to have the strongest fragrance out of the range, with a hint of sweet pea scent coming through after application.

Replenishing Night Crème with Okuru

This was my second favourite product out of the range. I love a heavy duty night cream, and this was perfect for me. It seems to be a thicker version of the day cream, sinks into skin easily leaving it feeling richly hydrated. One of the more interesting factors of this cream is the inclusion of the ‘Resurrection Plant’. An extract from the Resurrection Plant drenches the skin with intense moisturisation to combat the harsh ageing effects of dry skin. This amazing extract has been clinically proven to provide up to 24 hr moisturisation and has been shown to provide powerful anti-oxidant properties enhancing the skin’s ability to combat environmental damage. (visit the Lapureté site to see an interesting before/after of the resurrection plant) In the morning after using the night creme my face looked fresh and hydrated!

So, does the range provide a natural alternative to Botox? The only real lines I have on my face are around my eyes. (laugh lines, and the crows feet I have from my teenage years where I rallied against having to wear my glasses to read) I can honestly say that after using the Lapureté range for over a month, I feel like the laugh lines at the corners of my eyes seem to have diminished slightly. Obviously I am not expecting miracles, but I can definitely see some sort of difference. The Lapureté ‘Natures Botox Set’ retails for $179.70 and can be purchased from the Lapureté website.