Time/Storm London Watches Q&A

The time you felt most inspired by fashion – your most inspiring fashion moment?
This will probably sound so cheesy, but my first ‘lightning bolt’ moment when it comes to fashion was the first time I ever took notice of Liv Tyler’s style. I remember the moment distinctly (see, I told you it would be cheesy…) – I was sitting on the couch flipping through a glossy magazine. I must have been around 19 or 20 at the time, I don’t remember that detail exactly. But I do remember the first time I saw this outfit:

There was so much about this outfit that inspired me at the time. It was like a bolt from the blue. I don’t get the same sort of inspiration from this outfit now, of course – as my tastes have developed and changed slightly over the years. But then, Liv’s elegant and classy style with a rockstar twist was a source of continual inspiration for me. From her tailored pants with the hint of sexiness (the sheer lace panel along the sides of the thigh is truly breathtaking!), the fresh and natural looking makeup, the always perfect hair and the amazing touch that her classic style watch seems to add to the outfit. From that moment on I was in love with Liv. I took aspects of her style and throughout the years managed to develop my own personal style that still contains hints of the ways she has inspired me from that moment on.

The time you were proudest of your outfit or style?
This is a tough one for me because I can’t ever really remember having a moment where I was truly ‘proud’ of my style. One thing that does spring to mind though and is rather silly, is that recently during a meeting at work one of my male co-workers put me forward as one of the designers and organisers for our new corporate work uniform. He made a comment about how well presented I am, and how he could imagine that I would have the right skills to be able to put together a collection of pieces that would suit all of the staff in our company. This was flattering to me because I do try to present myself well, and it was nice to know that someone had noticed!

The Time in Fashion you would most like to return to – e.g 60’s style, 70’s style…?
Without a doubt, the 1920’s. The glamour, the elegance, the understated sexiness and the playful femininity of the 1920’s era is something I have always been inspired by. If I could fill my closet with some of the incredible drop waisted styles from that era, I would be in heaven…

I love the luxury of that era. And the fact that a lot of the fashion in that time seemed to be a bit of a middle finger to the establishment, lol. I would also love for the opportunity to wear more hats, and hats were all the rage in the 1920’s, or so it seems.

I was recently contacted and asked to complete this bloggers ‘Q&A’ about fashion and style. This Q&A is sponsored by fashion based social networking site 2Threads & watch design company Storm London. You can view and shop the range of Storm Watches on their website.


3 Comments to “Time/Storm London Watches Q&A”

  1. Liv was my first style icon and seeing pics of her at the LOTR premieres made me get into fashion. I went on a hunt for products she used (remember the shampoo story in Japan?) and wanted to dress like her. She’s still one of my style icons actually. Lovely.

  2. to me it was Kate Bosworth’s picture… will have to write about it! It’s crazy how important that one outift/ image can be to some people!

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