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August 31, 2010

Haul Post #1

I often see “haul” posts and videos on people’s blogs, and find them fascinating and often inspiring. (which is not always good, especially now when I’m on Project 10 Pan and have spent the afternoon at home sick watching youtube beauty haul videos and I feel the need to SHOP) But in any case, I thought you guys might be interested in seeing some of my recent aquisitions. So here they are. I’ll start with makeup…

First up is Lanolips in the shade apples ‘Apples’. I impulse bought this from Priceline on my way to work one morning (I think you’ll find that this post will make you realise I do that a LOT.) and I am really loving it. Disappointingly it doesn’t actually smell like apples it smells slightly cherry scented but taking into account the fact that it gives me such a pretty rouge pout all scent crimes are forgiven. Next are two Maybelline Shine Seduction Glossy Lip Colours that I also impulse bought recently (sensing a pattern?). I don’t normally buy a lot of drug store brand makeup, but these were $5 a pop so I figured I didn’t have much to lose. The light pink gloss is ‘Candy Desire’ which is a really pretty shimmering pink gloss that smells like watermelon. The dark purple gloss is ‘Fierce Fuscia’ which I haven’t actually tried out yet, so I can’t say much about it. Next is the NARS lipgloss in ‘Strawberry Fields’ that I bought online after seeing it swatched over at Temptalia. It looks AMAZING in the swatches, but I’m just not loving it in person. It is heavily pigmented, and a lot darker than any of the NARS glosses I have owned in the past. I’m going to whip this out later on in the year and see if I can make it work for spring/summer. Finally is the NARS Soft Touch Eyeshadow in Skorpios. I had been lusting after the NARS Soft Touch Eyeshadows since first spotting them in one of the Mecca catalogues and was torn as to which shade I wanted to buy. In the end I opted for Skorpios because I already have the MAC Shadestick in Beige-ing, and it looks quite similar to the NARS STE in Goddess. I am really glad that I bought Skorpios though because I love it. It’s a really beautiful bronzey colour that works well with my green eyes. I prefer the application of the NARS to the MAC (which are apparently being discontinued?) so I would opt for these over any shadesticks in the future.

Next up is skin and body care. First of all is the YSL Cinema perfume, which truthfully I only bought because my first choice Serge Lutens Un Bois Vanille had sold out. I’ve been going through a fragrance identity crisis lately, and was really struggling to find something that I liked, but I’ve gone back to the old faithful warm-sweet smells that have never done me wrong. The YSL fits in pretty well to this catagory, as it warms up on my skin and has a nice heady sort of sweetness to it by mid-morning. I love it, but will definitely be attempting to source the Serge Lutens for myself sometime soon! Next is the Ultraceuticals Ultra A Hydration Booster that I was sent for review. I used this for the first time today, so I can’t really say much about it yet but will write up a full review soon. Then we have the Clarins Eau Tranquility Silky-Smooth Body Creme and Dermalogica Active Moist – both products I received for review, and have reviewed on the blog quite recently. Next is the Ole Henriksen Roll-On Blemish Attack that I purchased recently from Adore Beauty. I have been using this since receiving it in the post this week, and I really like it so far. It has a very strong tea-tree smell to it, and reminds me of a product from The Body Shop that I used as a teenager. (how depressing that I am still breaking out, 10 years later…) After that is the Dermalogica Skin Prep Scrub which is a re-purchase, as I recently ran out. I love this product, it’s my favourite manual exfoliator and I use it once a week without fail. After that are two more Clarins products – both of which I received for review. The Beauty Flash Balm (which is a newfound favourite of mine) and the Daily Energizer Cream-Gel which I haven’t had a chance to try out yet. I will review these both properly soon.

Finally, hair products. Most of these were recent impulse purchases at Priceline on my way to work. I was only ever really looking for dry shampoo, but came out with a truckload of stuff I don’t even really need. (but will use up, of course.) First up is in fact a dry shampoo! It’s the Batiste dry shampoo in Tropical. I’ve not used this yet, but the smell is TO DIE FOR. Tropical is the perfect way to sum up the scent, it’s sort of pineapple-coconut smelling and I would love it if anybody out there could direct me to a body lotion that smells the same! I am starting to become hesitant to try this product after hearing quite a few reports that Batiste dry shampoos aren’t that friendly for dark hair, and that there are superior options out there. Despite that I will give this a go soon, because I don’t want the product to go to waste. Next is the Toni & Guy Iron-It Heat Defense Spray that I really bought because I liked that it was travel sized and thought it would come in handy. I am really bad with using heat defence products before straightening my hair, but I’ve been using this quite a bit lately. The smell of all Toni & Guy products is the same to me, and it reminds me of being in hospital a few years ago (as I used Toni & Guy shampoo and conditioner at the time), so that isn’t too pleasant but the quality of products make it worth the while. I also bought the Toni & Guy Boost-It Mousse and Rapid Response Leave-In Conditioner for the superficial reason of the cute little travel sized bottles. I also bought the mousse (and the dry shampoo in fact) with the intention of trying out Holly’s top knot how-to. (I failed dismally as I soon as I realised I don’t have nearly enough hair to create a decent looking knot.) Next is the James Brown London Detangle Leave-In Conditioner which stinks like mens aftershave and doesn’t feel hydrating or conditioning at all to my hair. I wouldn’t bother buying this, it’s not a very good product in my opinion. Finally we have my one true love conditioner the Terax Crema. I have repurchased this countless number of times, and will continue to do so. This is my hair saviour and I find myself returning to it time and time again. (FYI I style stalked Liv Tyler for this product, and we all know she has perfect hair.)
August 31, 2010

Get The Look: Emily Blunt @ The 2010 Emmy’s

Putting aside my jealousy at the fact that Emily recently married my imaginary boyfriend John Krasinski, I have to admit that her hair at the Emmy’s looked fabulous. The classic old Hollywood style with pretty embellishment really complimented her beautiful Christian Dior Resort gown. I really wanted to figure out how to make this look work for me, as it’s Spring/Summer coming up soon which means there will be a lot of events to attend, including friend’s weddings, and I thought this hairdo would be perfect for that sort of thing. Pantene’s Expert Hair Stylist Barney Martin has come through with the goods, and shown us how we can recreate this look using Pantene products.

01: Wash your hair with Pantene Always Smooth shampoo and conditioner to give your hair a glossy and healthy finish.

02: Deeply part to the side and dry with a large barrelled brush, maintaining volume at the roots.

03: Take a small amount of Pantene All Day Smooth Light Weight Crème in the palms of your hands, rub onto both hands and smooth through mid lengths to ends. Pull the length of your hair back to the nape of the neck, leaving a tendril free at the front.

04: Roll your hair upwards, securing discreetly with bobby pins until all the hair is up.

05: Spray liberally with Pantene Stay Smooth Hairspray. TIP: spray hairspray onto a tissue and sweep across the top to hold down any flyaways.

06: Use an embellished clip to hold the side away from the face. If you don’t have a decorated one, you can keep it more casual and use a regular bobby pin.

07: With the tendril left at the front, curl around a tong and finish with another light spritz of hairspray.

Note: Pantene Always Smooth shampoo and conditioner retails for $7.99 AUD each, Pantene All Day Smooth Light Weight Crème retails for $6.99 AUD, Pantene Stay Smooth Hairspray retails for $6.99 AUD and you can find out more information, or stockists by calling 1800 028 280.

August 31, 2010

Mood Inspiration – Liv Tyler

image source: thefashionspot

August 31, 2010

Get The Look: Lea Michele @ The 2010 Emmy’s

Lea Michele was absolutely rocking this youthful look at the 2010 Emmy’s. I have read quite a few comments regarding her “need for a hairbrush” but I personally like this look. I think she looks fun, youthful and vibrant! Her makeup was courtesy of NARS celebrity makeup artist Melanie Inglessis.
“My inspiration was the era of the 60’s. I thought of Raquel Welch and Bridget Bardot: the winged eye, the nude lip. The dress is so classic, so we wanted to be adventurous with her eyes– giving a dash of color with the new Palladium Soft Touch Shadow Pencil – and kept the lip nude with Tashkent Pure Matte!”
Melanie used the following NARS products to achieve Lea’s Emmy look – Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base, Skin Smoothing Face Prep, Douceur Blush, Tzarine Duo Eyeshadow, Palladium Soft Touch Shadow Pencil, Tashkent Pure Matte Lipstick.
August 31, 2010

Newsflash: Kit Cosmetics “How-To” Videos

In a kit-world first, Kit Cosmetics’ National Makeup Artist Leah Capponi showcases the new kit makeup range with three foolproof how-to videos to help you rock this season’s on-trend vivids and totally wearable hues. These step-by-step guides show you how to get THE key looks currently taking the beauty world by storm! “Starring the three super gorgeous, self confessed kit fanatics who won our model search earlier this year, these vids will have you re-creating the latest beauty looks like a pro. PLUS you’ll be given the inside word on the latest products you need in your beauty arsenal.” How amazing is it that they’ve used kit clients and fellow beauty lovers in their videos? I love that!

“Make your lip-look count with the perfect statement lip…”

“Make it sugar, spice and all things nice with this oh-so sweet and cheeky look…”

“Harness your inners seductress with our smoldering Saturday night style…”

After watching these videos, I have decided I absolutely NEED the Freedom Fighter lipstick featured in the first how-to video. What a gorgeous colour! You can watch future videos and discover the new makeup kit range, at the kit blog .

August 30, 2010

10 Day Cycle

My last 10 Day Cycle was about a 50% success. I finished one of my two books, watched An Education (what a beautiful film!), I managed to spend most of the weekend offline (with the occasional sneaky peek at Twitter via my iPhone) and I spent a lot of much needed time with my girlfriends. Yet again, I will do my best to achieve everything I set out to achieve, but won’t be too down on myself if it doesn’t all come together in the end.

Books to read…

I am very close to finishing The Unbearable Lightness of Being, and while the first half of the book drew me in and kept me interested, I am quickly losing interest in the second half. A friend of mine leant me her copy of The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas, and although I know the “twist” ending, I’m still looking forward to reading this book.

Movie to watch…

Anybody of my generation who was assigned the John Marsden books for English reading in high school is probably just as excited about this film as I am. I was obsessed with the Tomorrow… series as a teenager, and am really excited to see the story brought to life on the big screen!

Things to do…

Opt for long black coffee instead of soy lattes.

Attend a Zumba class.

Book U2/Jay Z concert tickets.

Try to listen more to what people are saying.