Yep, still buying books faster than I can read them.

8 Comments to “Books!”

  1. I have a habit of doing much of the same… well, checking out more books than I can handle from the library. 😉 Currently I’m reading Anthropology of an American Girl, yet I have four other books sitting on my desk… no way I’ll get through all of them in three weeks!

  2. I was so charmed by Midnight In The Garden Of Good and Evil because I thought it was amazing that the author just stumbled into this fantastic story and happened to be there at the time, but a few years later I saw an interview with him where he said he hadn’t been there at all, he’d just inserted himself into the book. Ah well, still a lovely book (terrible movie).

    And To Kill A Mockingbird is one of my favourites – I’ve been reading it every couple of years since high school (many, many moons ago).

  3. OMG! ‘ To Kill a Mockingbird’ and ‘Never Let Me Go’ are two of my favourite novels of all time! Hope you enjoy reading them! 🙂

    • I have heard nothing but good things about Never Let Me Go, so am very excited to read it. Also, I’ve read To Kill A Mockingbird, but wanted a copy of my own, so grabbed it as it was on sale at the book depository!

  4. Some great books there! I think I spend more money on books then I do make up and clothes combined.

  5. Ohhh please share with us your thoughts on Never Let Me Go, i am nervous to read it because i think it will be sad

  6. Never Let Me Go is heartbreaking! I can’t wait for the movie to come out

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