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August 21, 2010

Guest Post: Winter Beauty Essentials – Katerina from Adore Beauty

Time now for our eighth and final in a series of Winter Beauty Essential guest posts. This time we hear from Katerina – makeup artist extraordinaire from Adore Beauty! (you may remember Katerina from her set of “Eyeshadow Bible” guest posts here at The Belle Lumiere!)

Winter for me, means the three R’s: relax, recuperate and renew. There’s nothing more appealing to me than staying indoors with a great big cup of tea, a good book and a rich face mask slathered on. As weather become’s cooler, my skin, body and hair definitely require a little more TLC.

SKIN – Although my skin is best described as combination to oily, I am quite often dehydrated. Especially in Winter when my skin is subject to freezing cold air and then harsh heating quite abruptly. Nothing cures this dehydration quite like a nice layer of Ultraceuticals Ultra Moisturiser Cream. It goes on beautifully under makeup, and if I’m feeling that extra bit dry, I’ll pop a little extra on before bed. Hello supple skin!

BODYL’Occitane Shea Ultra Rich Body Cream is literally my little slice of heaven. This gorgeously thick cream feels amazing to apply, and
even works on uber-dry spots like my elbows knees and heels. One of my favourite things about it is the fact that it doesn’t have that greasy finish most thick creams tend to have.

HAIROjon Restorative Hair Treatment – Ok this treatment is hardcore. And I need it because I am married to my GHD. I apply a generous amount to my locks and slap on a shower cap. The longer you leave this treatment on the better, so I’ll curl up with a book or a well loved DVD while I let this little beauty work it’s magic. After a good shampoo and condition, my hair is shiny and bouncy and completely restored. Love it.

TRADITION – Every year as soon as it starts getting awfully cold, my best friend and I will put a hair mask in, chuck on some wooly ugg boots and have toasted sandwiches and Earl Grey tea while we watch Love Actually. It’s not glamourous by any means, but it’s out initiation for Winter!

August 8, 2010

Guest Post: Winter Beauty Essentials – Maya

Time for our seventh in a series of Winter Beauty Essential guest posts. This time we hear from Maya – my daily co-conspirator, and the part-time East Coast blogging representive for The Belle Lumiere!

Winter. Oh how I love you. I love everything about you. The drop in temperature, the fact I can add more layers, justify cosy nights in, generally indulge in everything and anything in the name of ‘comfort’ and also when winter rolls around I know it’s almost time to celebrate my birthday. When picking three beauty products that help survive winter, two things comes to mind. Moisture. I have dry skin at the best of times so in winter I need this by the truck load! So, with this in mind, my three picks are as follows:

01: Aesop Rind Aromatique Body Balm – This is currently my favourite moisturiser of the moment. Very moisturising but still light and sinks in quickly. Sure the blurb on the Aesop talks about how brilliant the citrus in this works in summer but I love it’s light, citrusy smell when everything around me is grey and dark.

02: Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant – It’s gentle, exfoliating goodness that is perfection in a bottle. I can use it daily even with slightly sensitive skin that is very dry. After using it, my skin feels brighter, softer, super clean and sexy and my in turn my skin just drinks in moisturiser.

03: DuWop Private Red – Okay, anyone that knows me will know all too well how much I talk about this lipstick (read: love and push onto others) but in my defence, the perfect red is hard to find and after living my life with the belief I couldn’t wear a red lipstick, I’m a convert. Colour changing and perfect with everything I wear
in winter, I couldn’t love this any more.

My favourite winter tradition is, perhaps unsurprisingly to anyone that knows me, one that involves food. A favourite dish of mine is borscht (or beetroot soup to the uninitiated). Every winter Mum makes several pots of this over the three months of the season (as her Grandmother showed her), slow cooking all the ingredients until a very colourful and comforting soup emerges that is probably lucky to last 5 days in our house, getting better with each day as the flavours intensify over time. Served with a decent amount of sour cream and lots of garlic bread (or bread that has been rubbed with garlic – not the Italian variety!) this is winter heaven for me.

July 25, 2010

Guest Post: Winter Beauty Essentials – Emily from ‘The Love Of Pink’

Time for our sixth in a series of Winter Beauty Essential guest posts. This time we hear from Emily – my friend, and editor of the always hilarious beauty blog The Love of Pink.

I generally love winter in all its stormy anger and blistering cold, but I truly detest what it does to my skin! It bashes my hair and skin about and always seems determined to sabotage my beauty routines.

01: Trilogy Rosehip Oil – Oh, how I love this. I smear this all over my snout every night in winter to keep those dreaded flakes at bay. It works a treat! I rave about this to everyone. It keeps my skin all soft and supple and means my foundation won’t cake around my nose or perch awkwardly on any flakiness. It is truly heavensent.

02: Lanolips 101 Ointment – Oh hai, wondertube. I sound like a broken record when it comes to this stuff but that’s because it actually works. I’m not going to lie, I was rather sceptical of this when it first launched, as I had been faithfully using supermarket lanolin on my paws, ladyhooves and whereever needed before the REAL Lanolips came along. Boy, I ate some humble pie. This stuff is medical grade genius and you can smear it over cuticles, dry patches, weird rashes… Interesting TMI fact: I had an awful dry, itchy tiny patch thing on my neck recently – I put some Lanolips on and it cleared up overnight. Thank GOD. Don’t tell anyone, okay?

03: Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Treatment – This stuff really is a miracle – I have been loyal to this for so long now and always have a tube or two in the bathroom for emergencies. I beg you to spend three minutes of your time trying this stuff – you will not regret it! It is cheap as chips too. It makes my hair all soft and touchable and stuff. It’s so quick. Three minutes, honestly. I do a scrub while it’s in and then HEY PRESTO, my locks are better already. Magic!

I love baking in winter. Actually, that’s a lie, I love baking all year round (I have the sweetest tooth in the world). But in winter there is something so intensely soothing and comforting when that aroma fills the kitchen and the smell and warmth drift into the rest of the house. This winter I am going to master the perfect apple pie!

July 20, 2010

Guest Post – A Night At Dermalogica HQ

Recently I sent our resident “east coast guest blogger” Maya to Dermalogica Headquarters to check out a few of their new offerings. Here is her guest post about the night and her wonderful experience with Dermalogica. Hold on tight because this is an epic post!

A Night At Dermalogica Headquarters

We heart Dermalogica!

It was my absolute pleasure to attend a recent event hosted by the skin care company Dermalogica recently. Both Jessica (The Belle Lumiere) and I love this brand so much, we both use it regularly in our own skin routines and to get a chance to go to Head Office and talk with the team about products and most importantly PLAY with the products was an opportunity neither of us wanted to miss! Speaking for myself, Dermalogica is a brand I have fond memories and affection for, as strange as that seems for skin care. Most her life my Mother has had problem skin. Severe psoriasis everywhere, including the face, coupled with rosacea has not left her with the highest self confidence and esteem levels. This led to an increased drive from her to make sure she both looked after her skin as best as she could, considering how it looked when left to its own devices and consequently, was driven to instil a similar routine in me fairly early on in my teens. Of course I didn’t keep up with it properly until my late teens but the cleanse-tone-moisturise philosophy was eventually embedded and till this day my 31 year old skin is constantly thankful. The products of choice for her, and eventually myself, that she found the greatest success with was this particular brand, Dermalogica. It mattered not that her skin was a combination of and at times, all at once very red, patchy, flaky, dry and hypersensitive, thanks to both the skin conditions she has handle and the medications used to control it. Dermalogica, over time and consistent use controlled the majority of that. Using a skin care system was constantly fraught with danger for my Mother. The potential outcome wasn’t always pretty. Not only did many potions and lotions wreak havoc with her skin, the price of the range was always something to contend with. So, when she found a brand that not only controlled her skin, was long lasting and proved its worth with instant results. Literally, the Barrier Cream corrected her skin issues immediately. Other products included the Ultra Calming cleanser, Multi Active toner and the Skin Smoothing Cream. Later, the Daily Microfoliant was added and even later still, the Precleanse. A relationship to a skincare brand was formed. Not only in her eyes and skin and complexion, but in mine.

But I digress. The night was all about Dermalogica, the company, the brand and the products. At the start, our first presenter, Arianne, outlined a brief history of the brand (started in 1986 as the International Dermal Institute (IDI), a niche was noticed in how skincare training was non-existent. In the process, the Dermalogica skin care range was created), the role social networking and blogging (yay! That’s us!) has in expanding Dermalogica (You can follow Dermalogica Australia on Twitter at @dermalogicaAUS and ‘like’ them over at facebook). Then we got to know a little bit about the how the brand is looking to expand with technology – with their iPhone app and also increasing the training and education culture including promoting information on how to best care for skin and how the Dermalogica products can fit in with that.

Dermalogica is deliberately not about beauty. It’s about skin health and there are several skin care ranges to help assist:

* Skin Health
* AGEsmart
* ChromaWhiteTRx
* mediBac Clearing
* Shave

We went over the five main steps in looking after skin:

1. Cleanse (Recommended routine and products)

Pre-cleanse. So this is the cleanser you use when you aren’t cleansing. When you are pre-cleansing in fact. When you are trying to clean your face of the day’s impurities (pollution, sunscreen, makeup, God knows what else) it’s important to cleanse smarter not harder. Pre-cleanse is an oil which works by attracting oil on the face and drawing out the contaminants, leaving the skin to be cleansed more effectively a second time by your cleanser of choice. Still unsure of its usefulness? The set of the recent twilight movie used Pre Cleanse by the truckload for their vamps and werewolves. Vamps and werewolves need to keep their skin glowey and clean and remove makeup and dirt too!

Ultra Calming Cleanser. Gentle. Soothing. Great for sensitive skin. Not drying. Can be used with a cloth for those even sensitive to water. As mentioned above, this is the cleanser my Mum was recommended to whip her skin into shape, which it did and she continues to use, I might add. It’s also the Dermologica cleanser I use.

Special Cleansing Gel. Mint and lavender are anti-inflammatory balm mint and sooth the skin, in that order. While natural quillaja saponaria gently foams to clean away debris. Soap free and your doesn’t leave your skin feeling tight.

Dermal Clay Cleanser. This is a cleanser for people with oily skin. Kaolin and Bentonite attract and extract oil, clear congestion and refines pores. Menthol is in there to refresh and calm the skin. Can also be used as a face mask if left on for 5-10 minutes or so.

2. Exfoliate

In the world order of skincare the levels are as follows: cleanse first, exfoliate second, and then mask/hydrate. Exfoliation should be done 1-3 times a week, depending in your skin. Exfoliating with Dermalogica is easy thanks to two small to medium words: Daily Microfoliant.

Daily Microfoliant is the number 1 best selling product internationally for Dermalogica and is coveted by everyone from the professionals to beautyistas from all over. One doesn’t need to go far to see all the glowing praise from magazines, blogs, article and You tube videos all give love to the Daily Microfoliant. A fine, rice based enzyme powder than when mixed with water, turns into a paste that gently brushes the skin, removing debris, smoothing and brightening the skin. It’s so gentle it really can be used daily. For all skin types. Yes, it really is that good!

Daily Resurfacer. Perfectly portioned doses of a leave on exfoliator which is ideal for use between facials?? Yes please! Brightening, smoothing, helps to retain moisture and reduces signs of aging. Jennifer Hawkins has also professed the love for the Resurfacer.

3. Moisturise

Active Moist. Active moist is great for everyone – every skin type and everybody. An oil free, lightweight cream that refines and hydrates the skin. Can be used all year round. Doesn’t contain mineral oil, lanolin, SD alcohol, fragrance or colour and full of vitamins. It’s a popular men’s moisturiser as well, as it doesn’t leave skin clogged or blocked. Word has it, it was used on the Twilight set as a moisturiser of choice to keep the actors skin’s fresh looking and hydrated.

Skin Smoothing Cream. So this is my Dermalogica moisturiser of choice, as mentioned before. The only moisturiser I’ve used that makes me feel hydrated enough to not need to re-moisturised during the day. Skin Smoothing cream. Silk Amino Acids smooth and help improve skin texture. Extracts of Mallow, Cucumber and Arnica soothe and hydrate the skin. Aloe moisturizes and prevents the appearance of dehydration lines. A great product!

4. Treatment Products

MAP15 Regen. A concentrated treatment that can slow down the aging process. Filled with vitamins, It contains peptides, mineral amino acids and botanical extracts which prevent cellular discolouration. Protects skin from future damage. Excellent for those with hyper-pigmentation. Can be used on freshly cleansed, bare skin.

C12 Concentrate. C12 can help with scarring, bags under the eyes and is best for darker areas like liver spots. It targets current pigmentation, protect skin against the development of more pigmentation and focuses on overall skin health to produce a more consistent, brighter skin tone that is free of darkened areas.

5. Protection

Protection is all about…err protecting the skin. We went through a range of the boosters.

After the presentation we were given the opportunity to play with the mini skin bar that was on our tables. Filled with the products that were spoken about in the presentation, we got to use and were encouraged to use them on our faces as well as hands (for testing). Standing by were ladies to perform the either the Speed Mapping or the Microzone treatments for anyone feeling game. I was more than happy to have a treatment – for the blog , of course!

Speed mapping is a special skin analysis which is performed by Dermalogica’s trained skin consultants. Dividing the skin into 14 zones each zone is examined bit by bit, then the skin is diagnosed and a skin prescription is given. The results can be tracked, specific product and treatments used to monitor and record the progression of your skin’s health. Whilst I didn’t have the skin mapping on the night, I have had it done before. It’s a seemingly simple process. With this process where skin concerns are discussed, identified then diagnosed coupled with the regularity of using the recommended Dermalogica products, getting healthy skin is very possible.

Microzone treatments are Dermalogica’s answer to the ‘mini-facial’. Or rather, a 20 minute treatment that targets specific and/or problematic areas that can be adapted to individual needs. Used as an option for the cash or time poor or to supplement a facial regimen, the Microzone carte du jour includes flash exfoliation, eye rescue, rapid spot clearing, blackhead relief, lip renewal, hand repair and men’s skin fitness. I was lucky enough – for blog writing purposes of course! – To have the eye rescue treatment. In recent times, over exposure to computer screens (I use two for work and come home to my laptop) and not wearing sunglasses (even in winter, after leaving them at a house party sometime ago) had not done my eyes any favours and the eye rescue was exactly as its name implies! Designed to moisturise, firm, tone and brighten the eye area (or customised to your individual needs), it was heaven, instantly injecting moisture into the area and brightening my poor, tired overworked eyes. Also, the therapist used a machine that made the creams more effective by sending a positive charge to the area. Based around similar principles to Iontophoresis, the charge stimulates the area which helps the cream to sink in faster thus being more effective. Or something much like that.

The skincare they produce is excellent and can put right almost any skin concern for all skin types, even issues that I (and my mother) never thought a product could address. The whole night was a lovely success and I would like to thank both The Belle Lumiere and Dermalogica for a very generous and insightful night.

Keep in touch with Dermalogica: Facebook, Twitter & the Speed Mapping iPhone App.

July 14, 2010

Guest Post: Winter Beauty Essentials – Sarah from ‘Dempeaux’

Time for our fifth in a series of Winter Beauty Essential guest posts. This time we hear from Sarah – editor of the Australian beauty reviews blog Dempeaux.

By the time winter rolls around, I’m usually ready for a break from the soaring temperatures we experience during a typical summer in Western Australia. Whilst my skincare, makeup, and haircare routine doesn’t change profoundly during the winter months, here are some products that I find I can’t do without:

01: Payot Masque Creme Hydratant – This hydrating mask from Payot is great for combating the dryness I inevitably experience sitting next to a heater in winter. During the summer months I use this whenever my skin needs it, but in winter I use this mask once or twice a week to give my skin a boost. The instructions suggest to apply this for five to ten minutes then tissue off with a toner. I prefer to apply this instead of my usual night moisturiser, wait 15 minutes, rub in the excess, then go to bed – that way I wake up with very happy, hydrated skin.

02: Lanolips 101 Ointment – There was a time when every morning in winter I’d wake up to an unexpected and painful cracked lip. Not any more. I use Lanolips 101 Ointment obsessively all year round to keep my lips hydrated, but it becomes even more important that I have one of these in my handbag during winter. By applying this intermitently during the day and before bed, I have lucious, moisturised lips all day and night, and no longer have to worry about cracked lips.

03: Ellis Faas Creamy Eyes in 105 – Not only is this liquid eyeshadow fantastic for creating a wintery smokey eye, but it doesn’t budge. A few days ago I was drenched in a sudden downpour, and whilst I was towling my hair dry and removing my wet clothes, I noticed that my eyeshadow had not budged. Despite its staying-power, it’s very easy to blend on application. I just apply the product with the brush provided, then blend out with a 224.

Aside from subtle makeup and skincare adjustments, my favourite winter tradition is to re-read one of my favourite novels: ‘Wuthering Heights’ by Emily Bronte. Published in 1847, the story revolves around the turbulent, passionate, and heartbreaking love affair between Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff, an orphan adopted by Catherine’s father. Heathcliff is bullied and humiliated by Catherine’s brother Hindley and, wrongly believing that his love for Catherine is not reciprocated, leaves Wuthering Heights, only to return years later as a wealthy and refined gentleman. Later in the novel, Catherine describes her love for Heathcliff: “If all else perished, and he remained, I should continue to be; and if all else remained, and he were annihilated, the universe would turn to a mighty stranger: I should not seem a part of it.” Beautiful, warming sentiments for a cold winter’s evening. Moreover, the novel is set on the wild, cold, and windswept moors of Yorkshire, which makes it a great book to read curled up in a blanket amidst the descriptions of freezing rain and whirling snow.

June 26, 2010

Guest Post: Winter Beauty Essentials – Laura from ‘Life, Beauty, Laughter’

Time for our fourth in a series of Winter Beauty Essential guest posts. This time we hear from Laura – creator of the always inspiring blog Life, Beauty, Laughter.

01: Mecca Nail Colour in Perdita – This is a beautiful taupe colour which, I suspect, was inspired by Chanel Particuliere. Having compared them, Perdita is less brown with a touch of grey and mauve. Whenever I wear this, I am showered in compliments (as I am typing, I have counted four today!) It is chic, unique, versatile and the formula applies smoothly and lasts well (particularly with Mecca Top Coat sealing the edge of the nail).

02: Elemental Herbology Cell Food – I love this serum, along with the rest of the Elemental Herbology range. It is literally like food for your skin – very nutritious food. It contains an amazing array of antioxidants, including green tea and Vitamin A, C and E, which keep my skin supple and radiant.

03: By Terry Lip Expert in Freaky Pink – My favourite lipgloss in the whole world! I especially love this one during winter because the texture is so lovely and hydrating, and it gives my lips a bright pop of opalescent pink that brightens up wintery clothes and rainy days beautifully.

Winter tradition: I love curling up on the couch to watch romantic comedies (Julie and Julia, Once and Love Actually are a few favourites) with a warm blanket, green tea and dark chocolate – especially when it is raining outside!