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September 22, 2010

Etsy Haul – Flourish Bath Body

I really love the idea of supporting small business, and Etsy is a really great way to do this. Whether you want to support local talent, or even just small business around the world, shopping from the hand made sellers on Etsy is a good start. For some reason lately I’ve been really curious to check out some of the beauty products that are available at Etsy. I was browsing through a few different stores tonight, and after reading Dee‘s review of FlourishBathBody’s Almond Milk Perfume Oil I decided to purchase a few things for myself.

I tried to opt for more “summery” scents, but couldn’t resist the addition of the Almond Milk Body Lotion as well as the fragrance. Do you buy beauty products from Etsy? If so, please share your favourite stores!
September 18, 2010


My book purchases for this month. I’m really excited to read C, I know you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, but I find the cover art so intriguing on that particular copy. I am also secretly pleased that it was only available in hardback…
August 22, 2010


Yep, still buying books faster than I can read them.
July 11, 2010

Hey Mr Postman…

After forgetting to check the letter box on Friday evening, I was pleasantly surprised this afternoon when I remembered to check – only to find a few of the perfume samples I recently ordered had arrived! In the package were Jo Malone ‘red roses’, Serge Lutens ‘clair de musc’, Serge Lutens ‘datura noir’ & Serge Lutens ‘de bois vanille’. Still to come – Kai eau de parfum & Diptyque philosykos. If you’re curious as to where I ordered these from, they were purchased online from The Perfumed Court. I think it’s a great idea to get the samples before purchasing, especially if you’re super fussy like me (and too lazy to go to the shop and try them all out) – the only downside is when you love them ALL and don’t know which to choose. This is the situation I’m in right now… Decisions!
April 8, 2010

Shopping Diary 07/04/2010

I have been wanting (or needing) a new cashmere scarf for quite a while. I had written a cashmere tube scarf into my autumn/winter wardrobe wish list, and had the tube scarf from Shopbop in mind when I did so. You can imagine my surprise (and delight) when I noticed that Shopbop had 70% off their cashmere scarves yesterday! So that item was bumped up to the top of my shopping list and purchased immediately. (as there were only 2 in stock at the time, and now none in stock – seems like I got in at the best time!) I also snagged a cashmere wrap scarf, also at 70% off.

I can now cross that off of my shopping list, and I can safely say I do not need any more scarves for this season!
April 2, 2010

Shopping Diary 02/04/2010

At the beginning of every month I like to go over my shopping list (aka “wishlist) and see what items I am no longer interested in buying. I also like to cross off all of the items that I had bookmarked on online shopping websites and delete the items that I was too slow to pick up. (Oh, Elizabeth and James Alexandra blouse you should have been mine….) Doing this today, I realised that around 90% of what I purchased in March wasn’t even on my shopping list. Oops. I need to try and remedy that. I also need to try and focus on buying less books and DVDs, and more items for my autumn/winter wardrobe. I have been doing prety well with Project 10 Pan so far, with only one slip up involving a local beautician going bust & putting all stock on sale in their store. I just happened to walk past 10 minutes before they closed the doors for good and snapped up a full size bottle of Dermalogica Multi Active Toner & two Napoleon Perdis nail polishes (can can and french pink sheen) for a total of $50 for the lot. That was such a bargain that I just couldn’t resist… Besides that I have avoided all purchases of hair care, skin care and makeup so far. I did however make a few little purchases at ASOS today after receiving an email offering free shipping. And for once this included international shipping! I ordered these items for my autumn/winter wardrobe. (and yes, I realise none of them were on my shopping list. argh!)

That is all the shopping I plan to do this fortnight, next fortnight I will be purchasing 4 different birthday presents (April is a busy month for my family) so I can’t imagine I’ll have too much left over for spending on myself. After that I will be focusing on my Autumn/Winter Wardrobe!