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May 2, 2011

Style Inspiration – Liv Tyler

March 23, 2011

Style Inspiration & A Small Hiatus

I’m going to have to stop eyeshadow week dead in it’s tracks due to the fact that I am super busy this week, and I am heading away for the weekend (as of Friday) to go to a wedding, so blogging is on the back burner. Until my triumphant return to blogging on Monday, I leave you with these gorgeous (& inspiring) new pictures of Liv Tyler. God, she is so glossy and just all together lovely.
November 26, 2010

Style Inspiration – Gemma Arterton

October 14, 2010

Style Inspiration – Lauren Conrad

I love the styling of this shoot. The first picture reminds me so much of Sandy from Grease, who I absolutely idolised as a child. I wore ribbons in my hair like that for weeks after watching Grease for the first time. Nerd alert. (Note: I am so going to wear my hair like that tomorrow.)
October 6, 2010

Style Inspiration – Gemma Arterton

I really need to work on my eyeliner application technique. Love this natural yet striking look on the gorgeous Gemma Arterton.
September 29, 2010

Style Inspiration – Pantene @ Brioni

I am on the constant search for inspiring spring/summer hairstyles at the moment, and this is one of my favourite so far! (the makeup looks pretty good too!) This look is from the Brioni show in Milan. Fashion hair styling by Pantene stylist Sam McKnight. Now will someone tell my hair to magically develop a natural middle part overnight? Thanks!