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June 26, 2012

Winter Beauty Haul: Sephora

As part of my new “spend money like a normal person” lifestyle attempt post-Project 50 Pan, I’ve decided to treat myself to a few seasonal items rather than spend frivolously throughout each month. We’ll see how long this lasts. My Winter treats this year are the Givenchy Photo Perfexion Foundation in Perfect Ivory (this is a back up as I’m about 3/4 of the way through the bottle I’m currently using), Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner in Blank Ink, Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Dollface and the Clinique Chubby Stick in Super Strawberry. They’re not pictured but I also received samples of: the Stila Forever Your Curl Mascara, Lorac Face Selftantalizer (ha), Clinique Stay Matte Foundation in Neutral, Urban Decay Primer Potion and Urban Decay Eyeshadows in Half Baked & Evidence.
April 19, 2012

Sephora, Strawberrynet & Haus of Gloi Haul

So when I mentioned slipping slightly in Project 50 Pan, this is exactly what I meant. Having said that, I can easily justify most of the things that I’ve bought recently. Let’s see how I go.

The Carol’s Daughter Rosemary & Mint Clarifying Shampoo & Conditioner have been on my wishlist for what feels like forever, but in reality since I received sample sized packets of them both with a Sephora order. I held off from buying these for quite a while because I need shampoo & conditioner like I need a third elbow, but I saw them pop up on Strawberrynet & I jumped at the chance to buy them without having to pay a billion dollars to parcel-forward them from the US. I also ordered a mega sized bottle of Dermalogica Special Cleanse from Strawberrynet, because I am getting close to finishing the bottle I already have and it’s the facial cleanser I use 95% of the time (iron clad justification). I’m down to the last few drops of my beloved Givenchy Photo Perfexion Foundation and went into a mild state of panic when I realised that the back up I had ordered from Strawberrynet a month or so ago had never arrived (and the payment had been refunded back into my account without so much as an emailed notification but whatever). Thankfully Sephora finally had my shade back in stock, so I ordered a bottle alongside the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eyeliner to replace my close-to-being-completely-dry NYX Felt Tip Liner and also some Boscia blotting papers because a gal like me can never have too many blotting papers. So really the only completely unnecessary purchase here was the shampoo & conditioner combo, and I really wanted those so I’m not going to be too hard on myself. Now onto more mindless spending.

So the money that I mentioned being returned into my account earlier? This is where it went. I cannot justify these purchases in any way shape or form because I have enough vegan body products stored in my cupboard that I could probably turn to them as a food source in the event of an apocalypse (note: if I mention the impending apocalypse too much, let me know). So that’s it! My fall from grace well documented and now we’re ready to move forward. I’ve finished up some more big ticket P50P items so there will be a Pan update coming up in the next week or so.
August 4, 2011

Beauty Haul – Strawberrynet / Adore Beauty

As a testament to my epic failure of Project 20 Pan, here are the beauty products I’ve been spending money on lately. Givenchy Photo Perfexion Foundation (my holy grail foundation, and a replacement for the bottle that I am currently running dry on), YSL Touche Eclat (a re-purchase of a much loved product that I’ve not had in my collection for a little while now and I’ve fallen instantly back in love with it), Biotherm White D-Tox BB Cream (as per my recent review, this is a new infatuation of mine), Moroccan Oil Glimmer Shine Spray (I recently ran out of my Fekkai Sheer Shine Glossing Mist, so this was a replacement for that) and Essie’s Pink Parka Polish (I’ve been lusting after this ever since seeing it on Michele1218). Not a bad effort.
April 23, 2011

Beauty Haul: Sephora

I recently ordered some goodies from Sephora (once again via Hop Shop Go), and they arrived at my door on Wednesday afternoon. Cue happy times. The main purpose of the order was to replace my Givenchy foundation, but if I figured that I might as well order a few other things to make the postage fee worthwhile. I ordered: Givenchy Photo Perfexion Foundation in Perfect Ivory, NARS Soft Touch Eyeshadow Pencil in Hollywoodland (at last!), a tube of the Urban Decay Primer Potion and the new Bobby Brown Peony & Python Eyeshadow Palette (which, by the way, cost $100 less at Sephora than it will be retailing for in Australia). I also picked up a couple of the Urban Decay Glitter Eyeliners for my co-worker, and shipping from Hop Shop Go to Australia ended up being around $30 AUD. Not bad, especially considering how much I’m saving on the Bobbi Brown palette alone!
February 1, 2011

Project 10 Pan Update / January Empties

Finished up in January:

01: Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Seasilk Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner (travel sized)
02: L’Oreal Preference High Shine Colour Conditioner
03: Lancome Hypnose Mascara
04: NARS Sheer Matte Foundation in Siberia / Givenchy Photo Perfexion Foundation in Perfect Ivory

I put the two foundations together and counted them as one product because neither of the bottles had a lot of product remaining in them, and I felt guilty counting them separately. I’ve not been 100% dedicated to the cause this month either, and I sneakily bought myself a bottle of Kosmea Rosehip Oil, Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel and MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Porcelain Pink from Jess’ Blog Sale. Now watch me justify… I had completely run out of the Kosmea Rosehip Oil, and as it is one of my HG products, I needed it back in my routine asap. The cleanser was purchased because I will run out of the current cleanser that I’m using in a week or so and don’t want to have to wait for my new cleanser to be shipped here – pre-emptive strike. And as for the MAC… Well no money was exchanged as Jess also wanted some things from my blog sale, so really it’s a swap and not a purchase and therefore doesn’t count! Hooray! Bring on February.

January 29, 2011

Blog Sale 29/01/2011

Hi guys! I am once again in my “purge purge purge” cycle of life, where everything that has not seen much love or was just plain wrong for me gets sold or given away to a more loving home. I’m constantly trying to change my attitude towards ‘belongings’ and material objects, and for the most part live with a simple and “less is more” attitude, but sometimes I realise that I just have way too much stuff. Like today. So here is my solution: blog sale! I know you guys share my love of beauty products, so I hope there is something in my collection that will catch your eye.

Please note: None of the items I have put up for sale were sent for me by PR companies. These are all items that I paid for myself, or received in some kind of swap.

As always before I get started posting the items up for sale, I’ll mention a few ‘rules’ –

01: Each sale is final. I will not accept any returned goods, so please ask me questions on items that you are interested before offering to buy them.

02: I will ship interstate and internationally if anyone from overseas is interested in buying any items listed. (Australian shipping: $4 for 1 item $6 for 2-5 items and $10 for 5 or more items – if you’re really feeling generous. International shipping: $10 for 1-5 items $15 for 5 or more items)

03: All payments to be made by Pay Pal please, and in Australian dollars.

04: I will post the items within 3 days of payment being completed (not pending) via Pay Pal.

05: The sale will work on a first come-first served basis. Please email me regarding items that you are interested in purchasing. If you have any questions about products, I will hold that particular item for you until you make a decision.

06: All items are genuine, and I will give honest descriptions about the usage of items, and how much product is left etc.

Hopefully that covers everything! Now, on to the sale…

Stila Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 30ml #1 $10 (worn once, swatched once)
E.L.F. Shimmering Facial Whip in Lilac Petal $3 (worn once)

E.L.F. Cream Blush in Flirt $5 (worn once)
E.L.F. Cream Blush in Heartbreaker $5 (swatched once)

MAC Mineralize Blush in Pet Me $25 (worn a couple of times)
MAC Powder Blush in Instant Chic $25 (worn a couple of times)

E.L.F. Natural Radiance Blusher in Shy $3 (swatched once)
E.L.F. Blush in Tickled Pink $5 (swatched once)

E.L.F. All Over Colour Stick $4 (swatched once)
Becca Cream Blush in Wild Orchid $10 (worn a couple of times)

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Wash Eyeshadow in Petal $15 (worn a couple of times)

Stila Eye Shadow Trio in Anya $15 (swatched once)

Napoleon Perdis Loose Dust Eyeshadow in #7 $15 (worn a few times)
Napoleon Perdis Loose Dust Eyeshadow in #36 $15 (worn a few times)

MAC Eyeshadow in Gleam $15 (worn a few times)
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk $5 (worn once)

The Makeup Store Eyeliner in Liquid $5 (worn once)
The Makeup Store Eyeliner in Czar $5 (worn twice)

Stila Lipstick in Natasha $10 (worn once)
Givenchy Rouge Interdit Lipstick in Pretty Rose $20 (worn a couple of times)

E.L.F. Super Glossy Lip Shine in Pink Kiss $3 (worn once)
E.L.F. Super Glossy Lip Shine in Watermelon $3 (swatched once)

Stila Lip Glaze in Kitten $15 (swatched once)
NYX Round Lipgloss in Ballerina Pink $5 (worn a couple of times)

Maybelline Lip Gloss in Fierce Fuchsia $5 (swatched once)
Lanolips in Rose $5 (worn a couple of times)